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  • myths and facts

    Myths and Facts about a VPN

    If you want to use the Internet safely and with no restrictions, you may have heard about a VPN – the virtual private network technology that provides online freedom and security. A VPN provides private Internet access. A Virtual Private Network works over the existing World Wide Web. When we say private, we mean secured […]

  • free vpn that works with netflix

    The VPN That Works With Netflix is a useful and important service for everyone who likes to watch movies online. Just $8 per month and you get access to tens of thousands of movies and series, and what is most important – absolutely legally. Without theft, torrents and remorse, you can watch all this content online in the browser, on […]

  • security of personal data

    Guide to Personal Data Protection While Being Online

    The worldwide scandal about Facebook’s leakage of information does not cease. It turned out that a private data analysis company collected the personal information about 50 million Facebook users and used it without permission. As a result, it is purported to have had an influence on American presidential elections. Facebook shares fell by $58 billion […]

  • free fast vpn

    Easy Ways to Boost Your VPN Speed

    Today VPN is more of an indispensable choice to secure your online privacy than an optional tool. Most Internet users do online shopping or deal with important correspondence so that protecting sensitive data with a VPN tunnel is highly recommended. Also, users need VPN to access blocked sites or to operate geo-restricted programs. It’s like […]

  • secure password

    How Secure is My Password?

    Each of us has a large number of passwords needed for emails, online banking, social networks and so on. It’s not easy to remember all these passwords. Most people use passwords that can be easily remembered, such as their birthdate, the name of their child and so on. Some even use one password for many […]

  • Best VPN for China

    Almost everyone has heard about the “Great Firewall” of China. Using the Internet in China is subject to various strict rules. A quick Internet censorship survey shows that most popular websites are blocked in China:  YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and others. As a result, Internet access in China for tourists is a huge problem. […]

  • unblock website

    How to Unblock Youtube Anywhere

    Youtube is one of the most popular video hostings in the world. Today, it is difficult to imagine the Internet without this free video hosting from Google. However, Youtube can be blocked by system administrators in local networks of companies or at schools so that the users can’t access it. The site can even be […]

  • change apple id password Mac

    How to Change Apple ID Password

    Often, when users register their Apple ID for the first time, they disregard Apple’s recommendations for data protection. They set up a very simple password or forget the control questions in a short time. As a result, their Apple ID account with all its confidential information can be easily hacked by scammers. Apple ID is […]

  • tor and vpn

    Tor vs. VPN

    People search for an anonymous way to surf the Internet for various reasons. Some users need to transfer important information confidentially, while others want to access geo-restricted websites. But most of all, everyone has the right to online privacy. Likely, there are some tools which help to keep your online activity anonymous and bypass all […]