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  • secure password

    How Secure is My Password?

    Each of us has a large number of passwords needed for emails, online banking, social networks and so on. It’s not easy to remember all these passwords. Most people use passwords that can be easily remembered, such as their birthdate, the name of their child and so on. Some even use one password for many […]

  • unblock website

    How to Unblock Youtube Anywhere

    Youtube is one of the most popular video hostings in the world. Today, it is difficult to imagine the Internet without this free video hosting from Google. However, Youtube can be blocked by system administrators in local networks of companies or at schools so that the users can’t access it. The site can even be […]

  • travel - virtual private network

    How to Save Money on Travel Tickets with VPN

    When we visit any website, we leave a lot of personal data about ourselves: country, gender, user operating system, device, browser and so on. The online booking websites usually use this information to dynamically change the prices and different characteristics for each visitor. Today, we will share some useful tips on how to save your […]

  • how to prevent identity theft online

    How to Prevent Identity Theft from Your Online Activities

    Today the remote financial instruments and online-banking are enough developed and people do online shopping or make other online-payments regularly. According to statistics, 31% of Internet users have suffered from the actions of Internet scammers. Today, we will tell you how to secure your private data and avoid identity theft. Identity Theft Definition Data theft […]

  • best vpns

    How to Choose the Best VPN Service

    Today, there are so many VPN apps on the Internet market that new users often have a hard time choosing the best VPN software for their computers, tablets or mobile phones. We recommend that you do not simply choose a VPN service based on its low price or easy availability. The best VPN is, firstly, […]