VPN Client Features

Mac OS X VPN Client provides a secure connection between your Mac computer and VPN server. It allows you to change your IP address and encrypt all your data when it is being transmitted via a VPN tunnel. As a result, all your data and web history are kept anonymous so that even your internet system provider (ISP) does not know which sites you visit or what files you download.
Moreover, the foreign VPN providers whose servers are used for VPN, will allow you to unblock any geo-restricted sites and enjoy Internet freedom. This freedom is inherent in the very idea of the Internet.
Do not allow it to be taken away from you!

Get the widest range of features for your secure online experience with Mac VPN Client

VPN Performance

Simple Setup with VPN Cient

Simple Setup

It takes less than a minute to set up VPN on macOS. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, and a quick access window allows you to connect to a VPN tunnel in just one click.

Fast VPN Connection

The Fastest VPN Connection

We care a lot about providing a fast connection for your internet activity. You can rely on our trusted VPN servers across the world. Connect to the Optimal server or get even more with Personal VPN Servers that provide lighting speed service and an ultra strong security for your data.

Change your IP address

Fast IP Changing

Our easy VPN Client allows you to quickly change your IP address by connecting to one of the regional VPN servers. Just select the preferred location right on the world map, and click Connect. Experience the global content freedom and access regionally restricted websites.

Optimal VPN Server

Optimal VPN Server

The application allows you to automatically connect to Optimal VPN Server which provides the fastest VPN connection speed. Optimal Server is the closest to your location and is the fastest and most reliable server. Save time and leave it to us. We will take care of ensuring the highest VPN connection speed.

Secure Data Protection

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

Your data is protected by the highest-quality technology. All your sensitive data is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about browsing footprints, transaction hacks and communication spying. You are secured with VPN service for Mac.

Fast VPN Connection

Auto Connect

You can always make sure that your sensitive data is secured when you launch the app. If the Auto Connect option is enabled, you will automatically be connected to VPN and get a notification about the connection. No unencrypted information can be sent unless you turn off VPN Client.

Strong Encryption

No Logs Policy

We prioritize our user’s privacy, so we don’t store your browsing history. It’s only you who can know what websites have you visited. The only thing we do is save the connection time and server information to provide you with a trouble-free and correctly working VPN Client app. Your data is completely anonymous.

VPN Service Flexibility

Free VPN Client for 7 days

Free VPN Client software for 7 days for Everyone

Use the best Mac VPN Client absolutely for free during the 7 day VPN Trial period. Everyone can try it out to establish that the application provides high-speed servers and tons of useful features.

Personal VPN Servers

Personal VPN Servers

Get a Personal VPN Server and be free from external influences on your connection speed. Also enjoy the benefit of no traffic sharing with other users, a static IP address, safer protection of your data and absolutely trustworthiness.

Favorable rates

Favorable Rates

We offer various subscription plans so that you can select the most profitable for your price and term. Choose a one-week subscription when you travel or purchase a three years subscription, and get a discount of 85% OFF. There is a VPN solution for your every need!

Streaming Servers

Streaming Servers

Switch on video streaming servers with one click and enjoy your favorite streaming channels. Unblock websites with geographical restrictions and access live sports, music, TV shows, movies, and other videos. Even when you travel, you will not miss important sports cups or film series.

Reliability of VPN Providers

Servers on all continents

90+ Servers on all Continents

VPN Client provides servers in 60+ locations across 6 continents. That means that wherever you live or travel, you can easily change your IP address as if you were located in another country. You can avoid government censorship, and access all restricted websites and your favorite social networks.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support

Our support team is always happy to help you with any question about our VPN app for Mac. Send us your ticket and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also find your questions in the Support section or read some useful articles related to VPN Client.

One Account on 5 Mac computers

One Account on 5 Mac Computers

Enjoy unlimited VPN connection on up to 5 of your Mac computers. It’s convenient when you want to work on several computers at home simultaneously, and it’s a great offer for the family.