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  • chinese instagram

    How to Access Instagram in China

    It’s hard to imagine life today without our social networks. People share their thoughts, communicate with friends and even idols, or read the news and other content. Sharing photos is especially favored in social networks. Instead of writing a long description about where you are, who you are with, what you are doing and so […]

  • great firewall of china

    Three Ways to Bypass Great Firewall of China

    Almost everyone knows about the Great Wall of China. But have you heard about the Great Firewall of China (GFW)? It is part of The Golden Shield Project, maybe, the largest system of censorship in the world. Its main goal is to secure, control and censor the Internet in mainland China. Great Firewall is mainly […]

  • protect your privacy online

    Top 5 Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Online Privacy

    Online privacy is as important as your privacy in real life. Since we spend so much time online, our friends can tell almost everything about our personal lives just by following us on social media. For instance, it’s possible to know where we are, what we eat, with whom we spend time, and so on. […]

  • How to Keep Your Internet History Private

    Have you noticed that, while you are surfing the net, you sometimes stumble on advertisements matching your recent search queries? That happens because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can sell your Internet history to advertisers. It’s no wonder, as the average daily usage of social media worldwide in 2017 amounted to 135 minutes. Today social media […]

  • http definition

    HTTP vs. HTTPS

    Most of the time, Internet users do not pay much attention to the URL address when browsing, at least if they do not need to follow a link copied from somewhere to the clipboard. Sometimes we look there to make sure that the transition is correct, especially when it comes to quick and dishonest redirection. […]

  • watch bbc

    How to Watch BBC with a VPN Anywhere?

    Modern technology gives us an opportunity to watch breaking news, important events, sports competitions, favorite TV shows and other videos on our gadgets with an Internet connection everywhere. BBC is one of the leading streaming channels in the UK. It produces content that is interesting for kids and adults. So, from morning till night, you […]

  • hacker protection

    How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

    Breaking into a personal account is one of the most attractive forms of employment for hackers. Some hackers do this just to test their skills, while others look for the commercial benefits. And sometimes, hacking is not always necessary in order to break someone’s account. No matter how many articles there are on the Internet […]

  • 9 Password Security Tips

    When it comes to creating a password for online services, most people use uncomplicated passwords, such as their birthdate, the name of their child and so on. Some even use one password for many sites. Such kind of passwords can be easily hacked. Today, we would like to share with you nine tips on how […]

  • How I traveled the world with a VPN

    Travel is a part of life. We need to change the view from our windows to relax, refresh and experience something new. And it does not matter how far or for how long you are going to travel. I am not into extreme sports trips. I prefer visiting historical sights and sunny beaches. And most […]

  • privacy protection

    Internet Privacy

    Today, almost every Internet user has social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter. Most of you very likely have published at least one “check-in” from a hotel or concert hall. Well, we are not going to explain how sharing your location on social networks may be unsafe, because we realize that this is an ordinary […]

  • information security

    Information Security Predictions and Tips to Protect your Data

    Today the Internet takes one of the central places in our daily reality. It offers many interesting opportunities, such as communicating, web searching, sending files, and so on. Both in real and virtual life, people should pay attention to their information security. As the number of malicious programs grows, hackers find new security holes in […]

  • How Does a VPN Network Help with Internet Security?

    In the era of high-tech communications, we do most of our daily tasks on the Internet. It is a convenient and quick way to do so many things. We shop, book hotels and flights, take online-courses, use electronic banking, hold webinars, and so on. In most cases, we use our name, email address and credit […]