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What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a protected (closed from external access) communication between your computer/device and Internet resources. The primary purpose is to let you surf anonymously in any website and give you online security and privacy.

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Why use VPN?

A VPN network connection is used for a wide variety of reasons, both individual and corporate. The main ones are:

  • Secure shared files and instant messages
  • Keep your online searches private
  • Safeguard your identity from thieves
  • Unlock location-restricted web content
  • Change your IP address
  • Access home-specific broadcasts from anywhere
  • Break out of a restrictive network at work/school
  • And much more

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How does VPN work?

When you connect to the Internet the regular way, all your Internet traffic and data can be viewed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other interjacent servers between your computer and the connected website.
VPN Client allows you to connect your Mac computer to any Internet resource via a secure virtual VPN tunnel which strongly encrypts your private data. This means that all your online activities and traffic are protected from prying eyes. Moreover, when you connect to a private VPN, the visited websites see your virtual IP address, not the real one, so you can change your virtual location to unblock web geo-restricted content.

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What is Optimal VPN server and why should I choose it?

The Optimal VPN server is the fastest server proposed by the app. This is determined by an algorithm to find the nearest and least busy VPN server location and ensure a fast connection speed for your online activity. If the country location doesn’t matter to you, choose the optimal server proposed by your secure VPN application.

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Does a VPN connection affect my Internet traffic speed?

When you use VPN, it always affects your Internet speed. This occurs for a few reasons:

    • Geographical location – the further away the server location, the longer the connection route
    • Encryption – the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) connection speed is slower when a computer and VPN server encrypt the shared data
    • WiFi – the speed depends on your router Internet connections
    • Additional node – when VPN is enabled, one more intermediary node (VPN server) is added between your computer and the service or the site to which you are connecting. Adding another node will always slightly reduce the connection speed

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What is Streaming Server?

A streaming VPN Server is the most suitable server to watch popular media streaming content. It helps you to easily gain access to live videos and listen to broadcasts that might be geo-restricted. Streaming VPN gives you a higher connection speed for media downloads.

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In which countries does VPN Client work?

VPN Client constantly expands VPN servers locations. Today we provide 90+ server locations in 69 countries over the world:

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