9. Shortcut Commands

General commands

Cmd+, – open Preferences
Cmd+H – hide VPN Client
Cmd+Option+H – hide other windows
Cmd+Q – quit VPN Client
Cmd+S – connect to Streaming VPN Server
Cmd+O – connect to Optimal VPN Server
Cmd+L – connect to last used VPN Server

Tab commands

Cmd+Option+1 – switch to Select Server tab
Cmd+Option+2 – switch to Subscriptions tab
Cmd+Option+3 – switch to Preferences tab
Cmd+Option+4 – switch to Support tab

Server Commands

Cmd+1 – show all servers on the world map
Cmd+2 – show USA servers on the map
Cmd+3 – show Europe servers on the map
Cmd + – zoom In the map
Cmd – – zoom Out the map
Cmd+Control+F – enter the full screen mode

Window commands

Cmd+M – minimize VPN Client window
Cmd+W – close VPN Client window